Samsung Galaxy S8 seems increasingly likely to pack 6GB RAM, but only in China

Do we need more than 4GB RAM on smartphones nowadays? Probably not, and Apple seems to think even 3 gigs of random-access memory is plenty for its newest plus-sized iPhone, mainly due to the frugality and proprietary optimizations of iOS.

When it comes to Android flagships, many trusted tipsters felt confident to predict a while ago a universal push to 6GB RAM this spring, followed by an eventual 8 gig leap, but the HTC U Ultra, Huawei P10 and LG G6 are all capped off at the same old 4GB count.

Granted, there’s also a 6GB Huawei P10 Plus configuration in the pipeline, as well as the OnePlus 3T already out and about, and even a somewhat bizarre China-only Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro “mid-ranger” with top-shelf memory linked to an average Snapdragon 653 processor.

Where does that leave the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8+? In a sticky situation, to say the least, though a sensible solution was always easy to anticipate.

According to top market researcher Kevin Wang from IHS, a special “China Edition” of Samsung’s “next big thing” will pack 6GB RAM, with only 4 provided “internationally” to presumably reduce production costs and ensuing retail prices. Everybody happy now?

Probably not, as certain Western power users may appreciate at least getting the option to upgrade if they feel like 4GB RAM won’t be enough before long. Or perhaps they’d just want the bragging rights. Either way, this is a decision bound to stir controversy, assuming it pans out.

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