Samsung starts sending Android 7.0 to US unlocked Galaxy S7; too little, (way) too late?

Can you believe it’s taken Samsung nearly nine months since Google originally released Android 7.0 Nougat for Nexus devices to update all US versions of its most popular, best-selling and, until recently, hottest flagship phones?

Worse yet, the very last North American Galaxy S7 model to officially receive the goodie pack is the one everybody expected to be first in line an eternity ago. We’re talking about an unlocked, overpriced SM-G930U variant that apparently required approval from all major local carriers… for some reason, not even keeping its security up to date for a frustratingly long time.

The nightmare is finally coming to an end, it seems, and unlike the unlocked S7 Edge last week, the 5.1-inch flat screener doesn’t need you to jump through any hoops. According to an encouraging number of online reports, a 1.2GB or so build N bundle, hopefully including the latest security patches, is (gradually) making its way over-the-air.

Just check for it in lack of an automatic prompt message, fill up your battery, connect to a stable Wi-Fi, and try to forgive and forget. We know it’s not easy, but focus on all the amazing stuff you’re getting at long last, like “various” new performance modes, improved multitasking, Samsung Pass, “efficient space for installation of downloaded apps”, general speed enhancements and “smarter” battery management.

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