While Samsung is about as forthcoming as any tech firm in terms of general financial reports, quarterly revenue and things like that, the days when the box-office scores of a particular Galaxy phone were officially broken down and touted to the media are long gone.

As such, we’re coerced into relying on supply chain and analyst-based estimates and forecasts of Galaxy S7’s popularity, which can often be conflicting, confusing or outright wrong. But today, two separate and relatively reputable Korean news sources convey the same exact number the latest Android flagship duo should reach or exceed by the end of this month.

Namely, 25 million units, including roughly 10 mil back in March, as well as an additional 15M between April and June. Once again, it’s practically impossible to compare this to the early sales performance of the GS6 or even S5, though the stars are certainly aligned for record-breaking figures by the time the Galaxy Note 7 or Note 6 enters the picture.

Release timing, “decent quality” and aggressive marketing reportedly helped the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sell like hotcakes thus far, with the latter, costlier model proving more in-demand and pushing its manufacturer’s profit margins and average selling prices up during Q2.

Sources: Yonhap News, Pulse
Via: PhoneArena

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