Purported Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus cases support unaltered design theories

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Never change a winning team. We could probably dig up a number of other sayings to the same tune, all of which seem to have guided Samsung through the Galaxy S7 R&D process.

The thing is the Galaxy S6 didn’t exactly sell like hotcakes back in the spring, prompting the fall launch of the S6 Edge+ alongside the Galaxy Note 5, though on paper, the manufacturers’ aesthetic choices looked flawless.

Even so, serving up more of the same to finicky Android power users doesn’t sound like a very smart move, so if you don’t want to get upset on Christmas Eve, this would be a good time to close the Internet and have a breath of fresh air.

Still with us? Well, you’ve been warned, so no complaining about how the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks like a Galaxy S6 with a redesigned home button. Not even a prettier home button, just a different, rectangular one.

Galaxy S7 Plus

Other than that, all the portions not obstructed by a series of leaked protective cases seem awfully familiar, screen bezels, physical key placement and rear camera bulge included. Of course, it’s entirely possible we’re getting hoaxed with pictures of early prototypes subject to last-minute change or outright fakes, and there’s still plenty of phone left to be exposed with the covers peeled off.

As for the Galaxy S7 Plus, it’s… gasp… wider and overall larger, likely measuring 5.7 or even 6 inches in display diagonal, and in no other striking way different from its little brother. Both devices, along with a curved Galaxy S7 Edge, are expected to go official in February and launch commercially the next month, packing Exynos 8890 power in certain regions and Snapdragon 820 elsewhere.

Source: Gizmochina

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