There are many theories concerning what Samsung might have in the pipeline in terms of spring flagship (s), with the number of forthcoming Galaxy S7 variants ranging anywhere from two to four. Now, Twitter tipster @evleaks aims to put all controversy to rest, “confirming” one flat, standard model, and a couple of curved editions.

The screen sizes of the three aren’t mentioned in Evan Blass’ terse tweet, but assuming that recent benchmark was correct, the Samsung Galaxy S7 should measure 5.1 inches in diagonal, the S7 Edge 5.1 inches also, and the S7 Edge Plus between 5.5 and 5.7 inches.

Could there still be a fourth, gargantuan, flat GS7 version in the works too? It’s possible, though we can probably all agree a 5.5 to 5.7-inch non-Edge S7 Plus would produce major sales cannibalization, mess with Galaxy Note 5’s mainstream popularity, and piss off folks who just purchased the S Pen-capable phablet. Not that the S7 Edge+ won’t do the same as far as S6 Edge+ owners are concerned.

Bottom line, Samsung must tread carefully so as not to alienate its fans, and cook up as many upgrades, tweaks and enhancements as possible. MicroSD support and water resistance are a nice start, even if the 12MP cameras don’t sound great.

Aesthetically, you already know not to expect anything radically changed, and to prove that point, designer and animator Jermaine Smit devised a neat Galaxy S7 concept video/promo based on recently exposed renders. The result feels awfully familiar yet definitely stylish and eye-catching.

Source: Twitter

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