Galaxy S7

Samsung took forever to roll out a stable Oreo goodie pack for last spring’s Galaxy S8 and S8+, encountering great difficulties even after several months of public beta tests, but apart from T-Mobile’s Note 8, no other Galaxy phones experienced critical post-update bugs.

That obviously made us hopeful US carriers would be able to quickly revitalize the S7 and S7 Edge following the two’s official global rollout start over in the UK. Unfortunately, it looks like the chaebol’s early 2016 flagships are being plagued by the same issues as their successors, leading to a similar “temporary” standstill.

A “limited number” of unexpected Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge reboots have been reported, and in order to thoroughly investigate the glitch to “ensure that the impact to the affected devices is minimized”, Samsung must pause the regional update, as well as hold off any and all expansion plans.

If you’re one of the few directly impacted by the so far unidentified issue, you should pay a visit to your nearest Support Centre, where a professional will try to help you restore access to your phone and personal data. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, so if you already backed up your stuff, it might be easier to just perform a Factory Data Reset in Recovery Mode.

Meanwhile, you may have been under the impression all US Galaxy S8 and S8+ variants are now running Android 8.0 Oreo, but US Cellular is actually only following Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint’s suit today.

USC subscribers can expect all the typical software add-ons, tweaks and enhancements OTA, including Picture-in-Picture support (for select apps), Autofill functionality, and vastly improved boot speeds.

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