Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge launch globally today, official teardowns published

Ladies and gentlemen, the big day is here! The day the new Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are commercially released “around the globe”, from Europe to US, Singapore to Australia, and of course, Korea.

While major American carriers have all deployed pre-orders prematurely, early GS7 adopters elsewhere couldn’t get their hands on the “Next Galaxy” before today, and may still need to wait until next week. Or you can swing by Samsung-sanctioned physical stores, and pick up a water-resistant, microSD-enabled flagship phone instantly.

The full list of the 60 markets or so the Galaxy S7 duo is available in unfortunately remains under wraps, though we know China and India aren’t part of this first wave of official sales. The jury is still out on the pre-order numbers as well, with certain sources claiming they’re somewhat underwhelming, and the company’s own mobile president suggesting otherwise.

Galaxy S7 teardown

In unrelated news, the tech world’s fascination with device teardowns reaches a pinnacle of sorts, as Samsung offers an in-depth look at S7 and S7 Edge’s innards. We’ve already seen the two dismantled for science and, let’s face it, fun by various DIY specialists, but this time, the manufacturers guide us through the cooling system, their many ways of protecting the phones against water, shocks and impacts, and their use of some of the best possible components.

Everything is carefully put together, so repairing one of these powerhouses at home won’t be easy. But at least you know they won’t break very easily either, fighting corrosion, overheating and just plain old aging like no other Android hero before them.

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