Purchase a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge from Samsung through Valentine’s, and get a free 256GB microSD card

It’s still raining sweet Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge deals, both directly from Samsung and various third-party retailers, stateside and elsewhere, as the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus loom larger and larger on the horizon.

Of course, you can’t combine the latest Samsung.com offer with past ones to get free microSD cards and Gear VR headsets, Netflix subscriptions or HDTVs. But you’re looking at a gift typically worth a cool $250, and all you need is a “qualifying purchase” between now and February 14.

That includes the S7, S7 Edge and S7 Active on device installment plans, two-year contracts, leases or outright acquisitions at full retail prices. Your complimentary 256GB microSD EVO+ memory card will be automatically added to your order at checkout, and shipped alongside any of the three aforementioned 2016 flagship phones.

It’s probably wise to settle for a 32GB internal storage configuration given these special circumstances, although both the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are also available with 64 gigs of on-board digital hoarding room.

Apparently, there’s a limited number of microSD cards allocated for this Valentine’s Day promotion (75,000, to be exact), so it might be a good idea to throw away your hesitation. After all, we’re talking pretty great phones here, at decent prices compared to what the Galaxy S8 will likely cost.

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