In case you’re still confounded by Samsung’s swift recovery from Galaxy Note 7 scandals and direct financial misfortune, even before the S8 could actually enter the scene, market research firm Strategy Analytics today offers additional insight into the well-oiled Korean money-making machine.

Now, we already know the mobile division’s mediocre overall performance was offset by thriving components businesses during Q1 2017, and high-end smartphones in particular took a dive compared to the previous year.

But given how old the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were between January and March, not to mention the early excitement surrounding their successors, it’s amazing the two pulled off combined quarterly sales of 7.2 million units.

That reportedly brings their historical tally to a remarkable 55 million copies, which may well be an all-time Samsung flagship record. We can’t know that for sure, as the chaebol rarely makes such numbers public and official, but the Galaxy S6 duo was at one point estimated to have shipped 45 million units.

Even if the Galaxy S7 has perhaps not exceeded the S5 or S4 yet, it’s still got time, as long as Samsung continues to push attractive promotions and deal sweeteners. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ could hit 55M by the end of this very year, though forecasts from various sources and researchers range anywhere from 45 to 60 mil.

Finally, let’s also mention Strategy Analytics estimated Samsung’s total Q1 2017 handset sales at 92.8 million units, including 80 million smartphones, or 23 percent of the global market, enough for a comfortable lead… yet again.

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