Fresh Samsung Galaxy S7 rumors tackle ClearForce tech, curved display

As you’d expect from an in-development flagship smartphone with a few months left until R&D completion, the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains cloaked in secrecy. But obviously, various moles and tipsters are giving 110 percent to their puzzle-solving efforts, recently hinting at SoC configurations, possible ETAs, dual-camera arrangements, and other ultra-high-end specs.

One premium technology that seems to be rapidly expanding and gaining traction to the point Samsung probably couldn’t snub it if it wanted to is screen pressure recognition. Before you even think it, no, Apple doesn’t have exclusivity rights over 3D Touch and 3D Touch equivalents, and Huawei and ZTE should soon launch the Force Touch-enabled Mate S and Axon mini.

Next up, the Galaxy S7 will reportedly employ a so-called ClearForce feature developed by Synaptics, which identifies exactly how hard one presses a display, and facilitates new gestures, as well as innovative ways of user interaction.

A fairly untrusted Weibo leakster is the source for this particular rumor, but at the same time, ClearForce adoption feels like a no-brainer move here, so add a few credibility points to the total score.

We can’t really say the same about gossip originating in Vietnam, which appears to suggest the GS7 will sport a single curved display instead of the S6 Edge and Edge+’s dual edges. Either that, or perhaps Samsung is only working on one curvy handheld for 2016. Sorry, but the Google translation isn’t very clear.

Now, the latter theory doesn’t make much sense, given the success of both edgy Galaxy heroes this year, while the former would mark a return to the Note Edge roots, when the side panel was a little less gimmicky, and slightly more productive.

Sources: Weibo, Samsung Viet
Via: Phone Arena, SamMobile

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