Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Camera Review: Fewer Pixels, More Light

The camera on the Galaxy S7 is something of an experiment. Samsung cut back on the resolution, dropping from 16MP on the S6 to 12MP. This effort was made to improve low light sensitivity. At the same time, this camera sensor adopts the Dual Pixel focusing technology found on DSLR cameras in an attempt to speed up focus acquisition. Are these moves just marketing hype, or can we see actual benefits for consumers? Are there any compromises made by lowering the resolution? What the heck is a 4:3 aspect ratio? We’re going to cover all of that!

We live in a time where the only camera someone might own is the one bolted to the back of their phone, so we feel that phone camera reviews should begin to cover mobile shooters with the same depth that standalone camera reviews might be produced. This is a deep dive into the optics, image processing, video capabilities, and performance of the newest Android flagship phone on the market. If you REALLY want to know what this camera is capable of, we’re going to show you, not just tell you.

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