Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Audio Review: Premium price, mid-pack performance

Continuing our series of Real Audio Reviews, we’re circling back to one of the most popular phones of the year. We’d certainly be reviewing a different Galaxy phone if it weren’t having such serious issues, so we’re left to focus on the options from Samsung which are actually available. While phones still have headphone jacks, we’re going to continue expanding our testing and coverage of smartphone audio quality.

We routinely point to the Galaxy S7 as being one of the best phones of this year, and hold it up as an example of what a flagship Android all-rounder should resemble. This year brought back fan favorites like water resistance, and the ability to add storage via Micro SD card, but did the audio performance receive similar considerations?

Let’s take another listen to the Galaxy S7. We’ll plug in some nice headphones, blast some tunes, record some samples, and see how this premium phone compares to the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Real Audio Review: Premium price, mid-pack performance

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