Samsung Galaxy S5 could feature iris scanner as well as 2K display“; sounds funny when you read it now, but that’s what the rumor mill suggested prior to the S5 launch back at the end of 2013. Fast forward to today, and we’re writing a similar story. Only time will tell whether we’ll be laughing this one off as well. A recent report from Korea claims that both Samsung and LG will include the technology on their future flagship smartphones, especially those coming out next year.

There is at least one smartphone on the market that features advanced biometric features, namely iris scanners, and it’s the e Vivo X5 Pro. The also recently revealed Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G also offers something similar, so OEMs are giving more and more importance to security features beyond fingerprint scanners.

The report claims that in both Samsung and LG’s case, devices would utilize the front camera, as well as infrared sensors, to recognize faces and irises inside eyes, with the help of 3D images. It all may sound sci-fi for now, but remember the early days of fingerprint scanners and all the hassle of using them. Like every new technology, it might need a couple of years to mature, but, in any case, we’re moving forward.

Would you consider it creepy? Necessary? Let us know of your thoughts on iris scanners.

Source: inews24
Via: Gforgames

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