Samsung Galaxy S7 starts to uncover its final design, full render incoming

A teaser of a leak. That’s certainly something new in the mobile landscape, but considering how popular unofficial press renders of unannounced smartphones can get, it was bound to become a thing sooner or later.

Less than 24 hours after revealing there are most likely only two Samsung Galaxy S7 variants in the pipeline rather than three or four, tipster legend @evleaks tweets proof he’s in possession of a high-quality product image starring the standard, flat model.

Why isn’t he just giving us that then? Maybe he wants to garner even more buzz than usual, and make sure the whole Android world is listening before putting all his cards on the table. Or perhaps he’s waiting for authorization from his sources to expose the beast in its full glory. Which could take anywhere from a few hours to days or even weeks.

Galaxy S7 crop

For the time being, we have this small cropped-up section of a Galaxy S7 render that could show a frame, curve or, most likely, a piece of its rear cover highly resembling the Galaxy Note 5’s. We’re clearly looking at something made of glass, subtly arched around both sides, and premium as it can get.

But of course, it’s wise to wait for the full render before jumping to many conclusions. Oh, and by the way, Evan Blass says we’ll also “learn about” the HTC One M10, aka Perfume, in less than 24 hours. When it rains, it pours indeed.

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