Samsung Galaxy S7 edge unboxing & first impressions: Samsung’s got it right! (Video)

Samsung may not have caught anyone off guard with its incremental Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge upgrades over last year’s already remarkable S6 and S6 Edge, but we’re sure (pleasantly) surprised by how fast the new flagships are shipping worldwide.

Chances are you probably pre-ordered your very own copy (everyone did), but if you didn’t and remain on the fence about jumping the gun, our rigorous reviews will help you make a decision before long. Until then, we got the S7 Edge unboxed for your viewing pleasure, and played around with it a little to check out how it feels in the hand and how it performs at a first glance.

There aren’t any surprises in the dual-curved 2016 hero’s retail box, so the largest part of the four-minute video preview embedded below is Pocketnow’s Editor-in-Chief, Anton D. Nagy, groping every Galaxy S7 Edge nook and cranny.

Every beautiful, metal-and glass inch of it breathes elegance through all pores, and while the design looks evolutionary rather than revolutionary, it’s simply better. It remains to be seen if the same can be said about device performance, though clearly, Samsung ticks every box needed for this to go after the heavyweight Android world champion belt.

In case you’re wondering, we have here an “international” Exynos 8890 variant, and we aim to fully evaluate its speed against the Snapdragon 820 model to conclude if there’s indeed a serious gap. For now, get a load of this beaut:

Click here to watch this video on YouTube!

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