Samsung seemingly starts accepting Nougat beta registrations for UK Galaxy S7 Edge

The far-reaching negative implications of the premature Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation could also extend to the Android 7.0 update process and timeline of previous Samsung flagships, since the company most likely planned to bring OTA Nougat to the ill-fated phablet first.

Now that it’s no longer an option, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have to score official build N goodies pronto, but not before the UI tweaks and performance enhancements are thoroughly tested, including publicly.

The open beta program trend will apparently carry on, this time beginning on British shores rather than the Korean tech giant’s homeland. Owners of the S7 Edge, and probably, the standard S7 too, can already sign up to lend a hand quashing bugs, directly sending feedback and “experience about performance, stability and usability”, while accepting the inherent risks of encountering “unexpected errors or malfunction.”

Of course, not everyone will be granted early access to Android Nougat treats, and even if you do get in, there’s no word on when you might expect the beta updates to arrive. Last year, Samsung needed around two months to go from invitations of this sort to fully polished Marshmallow package deliveries for S6 and S6 Edge users worldwide, so maybe, just maybe, a 7.0 large-scale rollout can now be pulled off ahead of Christmas.

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