Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ reportedly scrapped in the UK, Galaxy Note 6 coming to Europe

There are many possible explanations for Samsung’s declining smartphone sales numbers, including a general market saturation and stagnating worldwide demand, but at the same time, the Korean giant’s powers that be clearly made a few strategic mistakes of late.

Most notably, the Galaxy Note 5 was kept exclusive to Asia and the US, despite the brand’s popularity on the old continent, and middling European reception for the non-S Pen-capable Galaxy S6 Edge+. Rumor had it the fifth Note phablet to date would ultimately spread its wings globally, but that doesn’t appear to be happening, and it’s probably too late anyway.

What Samsung can still do to make amends to its Europe-residing fans is switch its release tactics back in 2016, launching the Galaxy Note 6 for all, with or without an S7 Edge+ by its side. The latter is the plan right now, at least in the UK, according to a “senior mobile network executive” who disclosed it to both Techradar and Forbes.

Of course, we’re talking a phone due to see daylight in the fall here, with current intentions always subject to change, especially depending on how well the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will do at the local and worldwide box-office.

It’s also unclear whether the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ is eyed for only regional cancelation, or if it might get the axe altogether. Finally, there’s even a slim possibility the Note 6 shall land stateside and on British shores in August or September, but not the rest of the old continent.

Sources: Techradar, Forbes

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