More and more Galaxy S7 Edge users voice frustration over persistent pink line apparitions

There are pink (and pink gold) Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge flavors that may tickle your fancy thanks precisely to their snazzy exterior shade, and then there are apparently many dual-curved early 2016 Samsung flagship phones putting off their owners with bizarre pink lines across the display.

Just when the world’s most popular smartphone vendor was finally ready to wipe the slate clean after Note 7 scandals that surprisingly didn’t cause a lot of financial damage this past quarter, a suspected age-old GS7 Edge hardware issue Samsung never acknowledged comes back to haunt it.

Online reports of the aforementioned random pink lines appearing and disappearing without notice on Galaxy S7 Edge screens date as far back as March 2016, blowing up (pun intended) of late, as more and more users fail to find a way out of the irritating pickle.

For their part, Samsung forum moderators have deemed the problem solved many months ago, advising complainants to ship their faulty devices away for evaluation, and suggesting the root cause could be physical or liquid damage, obviously not covered by a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

But the vast majority of people encountering a colored line running from top to bottom on the right-hand side of the 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED panel swear they’ve done nothing to bring this upon themselves. Besides, we’re talking hundreds and hundreds of users with the same exact predicament, and what, are we supposed to believe all of them harmed their phones in identical ways?

If Samsung doesn’t want a repeat of Galaxy Note 7 PR embarrassments, it’s going to need a better explanation. Fast.

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