Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition goes on pre-order in Germany at €880

While we’re still almost a month away from the official opening ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympis in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Samsung is in a hurry to get the celebrations underway for hardcore sports and mobile technology fans.

Unveiled less than 24 hours ago, and technically only due out in ten days, the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Games Limited Edition already seeks early adopters in one of a handful of global markets it’s supposed to launch in.

Those of you based in Germany can pre-order their very own, very exclusive copy of the Android phone on Samsung’s regional website, coughing up €880 for admission into a club with a maximum 2,016 members.

2,016 in Germany alone, it turns out (oh, thank God), with an extra 2,016 units apiece likely headed for the US, China, Korea, and Brazil. Back to the price tag, we’re sure the equivalent of $975 will sound quite extravagant for American ears, but the standard MSRP across the EU is just €80 ($88) less.

Granted, there’s nothing special about the Galaxy S7 Edge Olympic Edition on the inside, but the design and imprints are certainly an eyeful. Also, you get a unique box, inscribed with an individual number ranging from GER-0001 to GER-2016. Neato!


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