Samsung Galaxy S7 edge hands-on: bigger and better point iteration (Video)

Fewer seams make for a better impression, it seems.

The Galaxy S7 edge actually lost a few edges when making its transmogrification from the Galaxy S6 edge. That means that picking up this slightly larger phone will definitely leave you a different thought about how you would go about carrying this 5.5-inch phone. The aluminium rim gets shrunken as the back now also curves up to meet the front-facing panel that does the major curving. All in all, the rough places have been made smoother and the S7 edge’s profile ends up being like a lozenge.

The rest of the phone probably also goes down smooth like a lozenge. As promos have gone about, yes, the phone is IP68 water-resistant. Yes, the microSD card slot is back. Yes, the camera hump got sized down. And yes, it even has that “Always-On Display” that Samsung trademarked. But beyond the typical spec upgrades and software tweaks, we’re looking at a phone that has combined what all of what had gone missing at various points in time.

Is it attractive enough for you to buy? Check out our hands-on and see.

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