Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge undergoes first torture test, and… it doesn’t bend

While many people who’d normally treat Samsung’s “next big thing” as the most precious thing on the face of the earth can’t get their hands on the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge just yet, professional torturer “Zach” from YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has already procured his unit used for destructive pleasure.

No justice there, but if you’re delaying your purchase until checking out the two phones’ real-life resistance to scratches, burns and especially bending, you should probably stop. Hesitating, that is, as at least the S7 Edge looks largely impervious to various forms of torment.

First, scratches. As you can imagine, if you apply enough force with the right sharp instrument, every little piece of the phone is subject to lesions. But unless you absolutely want to hurt the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, you’re likely covered, thanks to hard tempered glass on the front, a glass camera lens and solid aluminum sides.

Moving on, fire apparently makes the screen unusually pale and reflective, possibly for good, but who the heck exposes their gadgets to flames?

The same goes for vigorous bending, though some of you will still be happy to hear the S7 Edge doesn’t snap in half “like a very expensive cracker”, no matter the pressure you put on it. Of course, the device can’t maintain its full integrity and vertical posture for the entire bend test embedded below, but the worst thing that could happen to it is its water-resistant seal being compromised.

Otherwise, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is “stronger than Donald Trump’s hairspray”, and emerges as a front-runner for the title of most durable handheld ever tested by JerryRigEverything.

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