Costco bundles 32-inch Samsung TV, other freebies with Galaxy S7

Even though it’s been ranked the second largest retailer in the world last year, Costco is probably far from your go-to place to buy smartphones stateside. Yet for the next few weeks, people still on the fence about the Samsung Galaxy S7 are likely to strongly consider pulling the trigger at the membership-only warehouse club.

Heck, it might pay off to become a member just to not miss this deal, which hooks you up with a free 32-inch Samsung TV, $25 Costco Cash Card, and 5,200 mAh portable battery.

A TV set sounds like an unusual type of item to accompany a handheld in a bundle arrangement of this nature, but last month, AT&T held a similar sale, offering however its S7-adopting customers a larger and, almost surely, pricier 48-incher for no extra charge.

That promo is naturally not valid any longer, and so is the case with nationwide Gear VR freebies and Verizon-exclusive Gear S2 giveaways. In other words, it’d be a terrible shame to pass up the opportunity of netting goodies possibly worth a combined $300 or so sans coughing up a dime.

The Galaxy S7 itself requires no upfront payment, as Costco’s deal conditions stipulate you need to sign up to a device installment plan with new or existing lines of service on AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon. All through May 27, no (additional) strings attached.

Source: Costco
Via: TmoNews

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