Market research confirms Samsung Galaxy S7 is comfortably outselling the S6

Right off the bat, it was crystal clear Samsung had a winner, nay, two winners on its hands this year. But we got the same first impression from the 2015 Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and their box-office scores certainly didn’t live up to all that potential.

So, what could stop the GS7 duo from breaking all-time Android flagship sales records? The iPhone 6s? Highly unlikely, given fast-declining worldwide demand. The SE? Let’s not even go there. The LG G5? It’s a threat, definitely, but not a major one.

Meanwhile, supply is abundant in both flat and dual-curved variations, and most importantly, you got your bundle deals, free coupons, BOGO arrangements, and straight-up price cuts. The early outcome? Predictably strong performance in essentially every big market the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are available in.

Especially stateside, where research firm Counterpoint estimates high-end sales have grown a whopping 30 percent since last year. In Western Europe, the water-resistant powerhouses are up 20 percent compared to their predecessors, and in China, demand has surged a healthy 10 percent.

The one “anomaly”? Believe it or not, Samsung’s own homeland of Korea, where underwhelming pre-order scores were ultimately indicative of “relatively flat” overall sales. Still, on a global scale, a remarkable 25 percent growth has been reported in March, with “some” markets believed to have shown up to 50 percent progresses.

In part, this is obviously due to the actual appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series, but the early March launch, “very attractive promos” and lack of manufacturing difficulties all crucially contributed to purportedly achieving the 10-million unit milestone already.

Reaching a combined 40 million by the end of the two phones’ commercial run is doable, and even 50 mil is a definite possibility, though the numbers are projected to be on-par, not higher than the S4’s.

Source: Counterpoint Research

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