Samsung Galaxy S7 announcement could happen earlier than expected, claims rumor

The Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+ event is still fresh in our memory (and the iPhone announcement couldn’t really make it fade away), but that doesn’t stop rumors and reports from talking about the upcoming flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S7. Back in June we heard back-to-back reports — based on the fact that the Note 5 was announced earlier than usual — that claimed Samsung would announce the Galaxy S7 this year, and then the opposite, that it would still arrive in 2016.

Between then and now, there have been plenty of reports talking about possible dual models in different sizes, edge models, speedy processors, huge amounts of RAM, and a lot more. A new report from Korea falls nicely in place between those late 2015-early 2016 release rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S7. According to the report, the next Samsung flagship could be announced early January, with a launch and availability one month later, in February.

We do know that, historically, January is the time of the year (very early in the year) for CES in Las Vegas. However, Samsung didn’t unveil anything high-profile or ground breaking at the Las Vegas show, and, while it might do so in 2016, the company might also decide to hold its own special event, away from the show floor.

There are no further details concerning this, and, while you can find reasons why such a move would make sense (following the Note 5 example of getting the product out before the competition), the are just as plenty reasons why this might be a bad idea.

In any case, the Galaxy S7, as of the rumors available to us today, is expected to pack either the Snapdragon 820, or the upcoming Samsung Exynos SoC (maybe both, in different models or different variants for different regions), 4GB of RAM (despite the 6GB rumor we talked about earlier), different sizes (as rumored), and some hear-say also talks about a dual-camera setup.

What do you think? Would it be smart for Samsung to unveil its 2016 flagship so early in the year? Or should it stick to MWC (announcement) and March (availability) timeframe as in the years before (basically mid-end Q1)?

Source: eToday
Via: SamMobile

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