Water resistance, ubiquitous Samsung Pay support, and a phenomenal camera. Those are just three of the Galaxy S7’s major selling points, and although they’ve been highlighted before in TV ads and various other publicity stunts (one in particular), there’s no such thing as trying too hard to stay ahead of the fast-growing competition.

Well, there is, but as it so happens, Samsung’s three latest 60-second-or-less commercials effortlessly manage to be charming, adorable and effective. All without a single celebrity cameo.

What’s a little sad is, with wasteful Lil Wayne and chill Wesley Snipes out of the picture, these clips are unlikely to go viral, racking up a modest total of less than 200,000 views on YouTube in a few days. And that’s despite the aforementioned selling points being advertised in a much closer way to the average buyer.

In order of YT uploading, the first advert shines a spotlight on how the water shield of the Galaxy S7 can protect you from accidentally sabotaging your love life. The second one reminds you it’s now easy to compel that one “friend” who always “forgets” to bring cash to occasionally pick up the tab with mobile payments.

Finally, the arguably cutest video of the bunch proposes a simple fix for a previously complicated problem many parents and older siblings have had to deal with for ages. The Samsung Galaxy S7 “isn’t afraid of the dark”, and neither will your kids or young sisters once the phone’s spectacular camera shows them exactly what harmless things lurk in the shadows. Of course, turning the light on could also do the trick.

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