It’s not easy to design a rugged flagship phone that won’t make fashionistas queasy on sight, although you have to figure the target audience of Samsung’s Galaxy S Active roster cares a lot more about other things, starting with resistance to drops, shocks and hard impact.

Still, it’d be nice if the GS7 Active was a little less showy about its muscles than the S6 Active while reducing bulk and going with paint jobs the masses can relate to. Together, the flamboyant gold version rendered yesterday and the much lower-key but soldierly camo green flavor first caught on camera a couple of weeks back and pictured again now appear to tick all the right boxes.

The combination of plastic and rubber build elements may not sound very “premium” and stylish, yet it’s bound to help the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active feel lighter in the hand and easier to maneuver. At the same time, those corners look virtually indestructible, and at least part of the frame seems to be made of a higher-caliber material. Perhaps metal, perhaps just a better-looking polycarbonate.

The latest leaked press render also sparks hope for an “international” variant headed outside the US and on other carriers than just AT&T, as Ma Bell’s emblems are nowhere to be found this time around. It’s even possible the SM-G880 model rumored to be launching on Sprint soon as the Galaxy S7 Sport shall ultimately go global, with a 5.5-inch Quad HD screen in tow and mostly identical specs to the non-Active S7.

Oh, yeah, and we’re pretty sure now that home key flanked by physical multitasking and back buttons has a fingerprint reader embedded in it.

Source: Galaxy Club

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