Samsung said to have shipped 9.5 million Galaxy S7 units in just three weeks

It’s been a while since the leader of a stagnating global smartphone market last discussed specific sales numbers of one of its flagship models, but if the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge keep their reported box-office pace up, we may get official confirmation as soon as they cross 20 or 30 million shipments.

And they probably will before long, considering how little it took them to reach 9.5 mil. Namely, three weeks, or even less if we count the time the microSD-enabled heroes have been up for grabs worldwide.

Samsung launched the GS7 duo in North America and a large chunk of the old continent on March 11, with market analysts estimating shipments totaled 9.5 million units by the end of the month and fiscal quarter.

That’s a lot better than the 7 million Samsung was initially expected to sell in March, and it’s mostly due to surprisingly low prices and enticing promotions. Also, “no serious competition” besides the aging iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as the LG G5 needed more time to transition from a formal announcement to commercial release.

Of course, the G5 is tipped to barely achieve the 10M milestone towards the end of the year, so clearly, the Galaxy S7 is shaping up to be by far the biggest Android blockbuster of 2016. Will it return Samsung to record-breaking profit form though? Hard to say right now, with the upcoming Q1 financial report likely beating predictions, but not by very much.

Source: Reuters
Via: PhoneArena

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