Focused on quality rather than quantity for a change, Samsung slightly reduced the number of marginally different smartphone models released over the course of 2015, axing among others its main flagship’s diminutive variation.

Fans of devices easy to maneuver with one hand did get the ultra-low-end Galaxy J1 back in January, then the decidedly mid-range Galaxy A3 (2016) a few weeks ago, but in an unexpected turn of events, it seems an upper mid-end S6 Mini is still possible, though the GS7 should break cover soon.

Mind you, the standard Galaxy S6 and its edgy 5.1-inch sibling are a full nine months old, while the Galaxy S5 mini is such an incredibly distant memory, we’re genuinely surprised it runs Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Speaking of, if this little known Emirati electronics merchant called LetsTango is correct, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini will also offer 5.1 Lollipop goodies out the box, alongside hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processing power, 2GB RAM, non-expandable 16GB internal storage, 15 and 5MP cameras, fingerprint recognition, Samsung Pay support, wireless charging capabilities, and an undetailed non-removable battery.

Size-wise, the UAE retailer expects the S6 Mini to slot right between its ancient predecessor and the brand new 2016 Galaxy A3, at 4.6 inches, with 720p screen resolution likely in tow. Exactly how credible is all this intel? Honestly, not extremely, since the specifications are listed as “preliminary, unofficial, unconfirmed.”

Bottom line, there’s a chance LetsTango is seeking free publicity in the unlikely event Samsung does decide to ever launch a Galaxy S6 Mini. Meanwhile, you have to wonder whether there’s still demand for smaller than 5-inch Androids with less than stellar features, and if there is, whether it would be smarter of Sammy to start cooking up an S7 Mini.

Source: LetsTango
Via: GSMArena

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