With MWC fast approaching, it’s looking more and more likely that Samsung will choose the Barcelona trade show as the venue for its 2015 flagship debut. And with that date fast approaching, more and more testers are getting their hands on early models of the device, and that means leaks start trickling out as to what to expect from the S6. The latest of those comes courtesy of BGR, which has published what it claims is an accurate set of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked specs, and it paints the picture of a true flagship in this day and age.

True to yesterday’s report that the S6 would ditch Qualcomm processors entirely to instead use Exynos silicon, the BGR report claims we’ll see an octa-core 64-bit CPU made with a 14nm process. The screen is said to be a 5.1-inch panel with a Quad HD resolution; it’s supposedly Super AMOLED, with a pixels-per-inch count of 577.

The camera seems to trump even the Galaxy Note 4’s beefy 16MP sensor, moving up to 20MP (expected to be matched in megapixels exactly by HTC’s competitor) with optical image stabilization on the rear. The front-facing camera will likely include a 5MP f/1.8 sensor.

BGR claims there will be a variety of storage options ranging up to 128GB, and that there will be a 2,550 mAh battery (with in-built wireless charging capabilities). A new payment service is expected in the form of Samsung Pay (sound familar?), and the phone will have a metal and Gorilla Glass 4 body.

Again, the phone is expected in early March, so the leaks will likely continue to flow as the launch approaches.

Source: BGR
Via: Droid Life

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