Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ gets official Android 7.0 Nougat in at least one country

Believe it or not, Samsung’s Nougat updating tour de force continues… in Turkey. The transcontinental country in Eurasia has apparently become the Korean company’s main official test bed for fresh software, preceding the wider rollouts of the Note 5 and now the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

If all goes well around those parts, and no critical bugs are reported in the early stages of the OTA delivery, Android 7.0 goodies should expand to other territories soon enough. The S6 Edge+ variant currently getting the upgrade carries model number SM-G928C, likely requiring roughly 1.5GB of free internal storage space to finally leave Marshmallow behind.

Stateside, of course, it may still take a while until the August 2015-released phablet makes the jump, both in unlocked and carrier-specific derivations. In fact, by the time North American owners of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ join the fun, “international” Galaxy A3 (2016) and A8 users could also receive their own care packages.

Bottom line, Samsung’s support schedule remains decidedly hectic and messy, but at least a small portion of Galaxy fans can be happy with the relatively timely updates they’re able to score.

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