Believe it or not, Android Oreo could be headed for Samsung’s ancient Galaxy S6… someday

The world’s most successful smartphone vendor is probably not the slowest to send major software updates to recent flagship products, but it’s certainly not the fastest either, still testing Oreo goodies for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ while companies like Sony, HTC, OnePlus and HMD Global have already got down to business.

What Samsung’s devoted fanbase may appreciate more than speed is long-term support, which has always been a problem for Android device manufacturers. Google is doing its best to encourage OEMs to upgrade their handsets faster and easier, but ultimately, the search giant can’t force its partners to radically alter their strategies and schedules.

Meanwhile, Samsung could be preparing a big surprise behind the scenes for owners of a universally beloved but outdated product. It’s too early to know for sure, and the sources are far from reliable, but the Galaxy S6 is widely expected to receive an official Android 8.0 update down the line.

Commercially released more than two and a half years ago, the GS6 and S6 Edge came powered by Lollipop out the box, scoring Marshmallow and Nougat treats over-the-air to reach the end of a traditional software update cycle.

According to a surprisingly large number of customer care reps however, a third major OS revision is still possible. No ETAs were provided in chats shared on Reddit by an enthusiastic Galaxy S6 user, but even remembering all the instances information supplied this way proved inaccurate, it’s all looking very promising.

Who knows, maybe Samsung is planning to turn the page to a three-update policy for all its hero devices going forward.

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