Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime review, abridged: what’s hot (and not) in 60 seconds (Video)

There are folks out there who don’t have the time for a ten-minute video or a 3,000-word review, and they certainly don’t have an hour to absorb a meandering podcast (no matter how many awards it’s won). These people might be sneaking a quick YouTube fix on a bathroom break, trying to make a point to a rival smartphone owner at a bar, or even standing in line at a wireless retail store, waiting to make a purchase. They need the facts delivered quickly, with a minimum of window dressing and a firm conclusion in as little time as possible.

For them, we’ve created the 60-Second Review, a minute-long video format made in the spirit of the Pocketnow TLDR. To borrow a well-worn slogan, it’s a review to get you “in, out, and back to life.” And at the end of every episode, we offer a link to the full-length video if you find yourself wanting more.

While we don’t consider the Galaxy S5 a particularly tough act to follow, we didn’t think Samsung would try to one-up itself so soon after its launch (historical precedent aside). Nevertheless here we are: not even three months after the original Galaxy S5 hit store shelves, a revised version with a more powerful processor, more memory, and a Quad-HD display is upon us. Its official name is the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, but others have taken to calling it the “Galaxy S5 Prime.”

If that doesn’t sound right to you, you’re not alone: there’s considerable confusion surrounding the Galaxy S5 Prime nickname at the moment, thanks to the hot-and-heavy rumors about Samsung’s other supposed high-ender, the Galaxy F. And with the same fit and finish as its “sub-Prime” predecessor, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A isn’t at all as intriguing. But that hasn’t stopped folks from venting their frustrations about Samsung’s rollout of a better-specced Galaxy S5 so soon after the original’s launch, or its compounding that offense by making it exclusive to South Korea (for now).

We’re of the opinion that the side-by-side differences are minor enough to go unnoticed by the average buyer – an opinion we shared in our Galaxy S5 Prime vs Galaxy S5 comparison and also in our full Galaxy S5 Prime review video. Now it’s time to narrow our focus and consider the revised flagship as its own device, and we’re doing just that in 60 seconds, in our abbreviated Galaxy S5 review video below!

28mobile Galaxy S5 Prime review

(Our review device comes to us from the folks at 28Mobile, a Swedish-owned, Hong Kong-based retailer of mobile devices. If you want a Galaxy S5 LTE-A of your own, pay them a visit … and tell ’em Pocketnow sent you!)

Galaxy S5 Prime review: what’s hot (and not) in 60 seconds


Galaxy S5 Prime review

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