Samsung Galaxy S5 will outsell GS4, as first Tizen phone is expected end of Q2

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will outsell its predecessor from 2013, the GS4, according to optimistic predictions of a Samsung top executive, quoted by Reuters. History teaches us that this has been the case in previous years, so there’s really nothing groundbreaking in these expectations. The South Koreans have done everything in their power to create the perfect conditions for this to happen, including price, gifts, as well as dramatically increasing initial roll-out market numbers. The executive continued saying the S5 “is selling faster than the S4 so far, though it’s difficult to share specific numbers as we’re still at early stages.” Yoon Han-kil, senior vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, continued stating the “S5 sales should be much better than the S4.”

Additionally, the executive implied that Samsung’s first Tizen-based phone (out of the two the company is currently working on), will likely see the light of day towards the end of the second quarter, which means probably end of June. Despite failure of previous efforts, Samsung continues to invest in its own platform in order to cut down, as much as possible, on its dependence on Google’s operating system. Android, however, as the executive added, “still needs to be our main business”, as Tizen and Windows Phone will address those specific markets which Android can not reach.

Source: Reuters

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