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Samsung is still the top dog in Android land. Here's why

By Roland Udvarlaki July 5, 2022, 6:30 am
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with S Pen Source: Pocketnow

A new leak claims the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the best-selling Android smartphone in 2022. The news isn’t too surprising, but it confirms that Samsung’s strategy may have worked out perfectly by simplifying the entire lineup of high-end flagship devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note series is no-more, and while we’re sad about the removal of the iconic lineup, it sure looks like Samsung’s strategy has worked out well. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series is selling like hot cakes, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the best-selling Android smartphone in the entire year of 2022.

IceUniverse posted an image on Weibo, claiming that Samsung may have managed to sell more Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones than previous Galaxy Note series devices (via SamMobile). According to the image posted, the Galaxy Note 8 managed to sell 10.3 million units, the Galaxy Note 9 sold 9.6 million, the Galaxy Note 10 series 9.5 million, the Galaxy Note 20 series 7.5 million, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra alone is estimated to have sold more than 10.9 million units.


That’s a massive increase over the previous Galaxy Note 20 series, showing that customers like the changes and the return of the Note features in a premium smartphone. The Galaxy Note 8 likely sold well due to the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 series, which ended up in flames, and not because it was selling like hot cakes.

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Why is Samsung selling so many Galaxy S22 Ultra devices?

Person using S Pen with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Source: Pocketnow Video

There are a few possible explanations for the high volume of sales. First and foremost, it’s a high-end smartphone with flagship specifications and a form factor that we’re all used to seeing in the Galaxy Note series. The return of the familiar design helped previous Note users return to a device that they loved and enjoyed using.

The second reason may be that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is still the only high-end smartphone on the market with premium specifications, and a precision stylus that works for anything you want to do. The S Pen features an incredible 2.8ms latency, is also pressure-sensitive, and comes with many built-in features to let users take advantage of the pen. The software of the Galaxy S22 Ultra lets users take notes when the display is off, draw professional-looking art pieces, and access features that are only accessible with the pen.

Samsung also allows users to crop images, make GIFs, select words to translate, and more. There are a lot of S-pen exclusive features, but most of them are also accessible for times when you don’t want to take out the pen. The Galaxy S22 Ultra offers the best of both worlds, and it’s the best Android smartphone for those who want to use touch and pen inputs on a modern smartphone.

There are no viable alternatives

Another reason the Galaxy S22 Ultra may be the best-selling Android smartphone is that it’s the only high-end, premium device that offers all of the features people want. Motorola and TCL have made mid-range smartphones that feature stylus support, but they lack the high-end hardware components and precision tools, not to mention the extensive software features that Samsung bundles in One UI.

Samsung has also become one of the best manufacturers to provide timely software and security updates to its premium devices over the years. Users looking to hold on to their devices for more than two years, are often encouraged to consider Pixel and Samsung devices for this reason alone.

Samsung offers S Pen support on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphones, and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still a viable alternative for those who want to save money. The upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also reportedly have S Pen features, but it won’t have a dedicated slot to store the pen, making the Galaxy S22 Ultra an appealing alternative and a cheaper device.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Burgundy

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most advanced smartphone in the Galaxy S lineup. It has a massive display, a flagship chipset, plenty of RAM and storage, and the beloved S Pen. If you’re looking for the ultimate and best smartphone experience, you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


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