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Here are all of Samsung's official Galaxy S22 Plus cases

By Aryan Suren March 6, 2022, 3:00 pm
image showcasing various Galaxy S22 Plus cases Source: Pocketnow

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus might be a smartphone that many might ignore due to its positioning between the cheaper Galaxy S22 and feature-packed Galaxy S22 Ultra. But we think if you are in the market for a smartphone that is not overly expensive and has close to no compromises, the Galaxy S22 Plus is the perfect Android smartphone to get.

For $1000, you get a great 6.6-inch FHD+ flat AMOLED panel, with an adaptive refresh rate (48~120Hz), the latest processors from Qualcomm or Samsung, a respectable 4500mAh cell that supports charging with 45W of power, and camera hardware that will give every competing device a run for their money. But if you have already placed an order and want to see what case options Samsung has on offer, here is a collection that features them.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Phantom Black

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

The Galaxy S22 Plus is the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung. It comes with a powerful chipset, a large 6.6-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, a 50MP primary camera, and much more.

First-party Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases

Samsung Clear Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Clear Cover


The Galaxy Clear Cover for Galaxy S22 Plus provides protection for your smartphone without bringing any significant change to how the device feels. It also allows you to show off the colorway on your smartphone.

Samsung Clear Frame Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Frame Cover

Changeable Backplate

The Galaxy S22 Plus Frame Cover provides protection with its wraparound TPU material while allowing users to customize the look of their phone with separate backplates. Samsung bundles a clear and mirror-finish plate in the retail packaging. As for the frame, you will have an option between Navy and White colorways.

Samsung Clear Standing Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Clear Standing Cover

Added Convenience

The Clear Standing Cover for Galaxy S22 Plus brings protection will bringing users the convenience of a kickstand that will allow them to easily prop up their phone when sitting down at a table. It's the perfect accessory for those who often consume content on their phone. The case uses TPU for the bumpers and has a polycarbonate plate on the back.

Samsung Silicone Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Silicone Cover

Smartphone Basics

The Galaxy S22 Plus Silicone Cover adds a layer of protection with its high coverage design that will ensure your phone can handle a bump or a simple fall and come out unscathed. It also brings a feeling of softness to the metal and glass design of the phone.

Samsung Protective Standing Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Protective Standing Cover

Military-grade Protection

The Galaxy S22 Plus Protective Standing Cover adds rugged protection and two kickstands to your smartphone. Samsung claims the case provides military-grade protection and the kickstands allow users to pick between 45 or 60-degree angles. You can also swap the kickstands for different colored options, bringing a level of customizability. The Protective Standing Cover is available in two colors, Navy and White.

Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Silicone Cover with Strap

Grip Security

The Galaxy S22 Plus Silicone Cover with Strap, as it stands, is a great accessory to get if you want to secure your phone to your hands and reduce any chance of an accidental fall. The strap attachment is at an ideal location where you can tuck your fingers. It is available in Navy and White colorways. You can also customize the case by changing the attached strap.

Samsung S View Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus S-View Flip Cover

Additional Usability

The S-View Flip Cover provides all-around protection to your phone and brings unique features accessible via the rectangular cutout on the front. This window provides users access to interactive elements that can control basic actions like answering calls and playing or pausing music. The accessory is available in three colors, Burgundy, White, and Black.

Samsung Leather Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus Leather Cover

The Premium Option

The Galaxy S22 Plus Leather Cover is an accessory that Samsung markets as one designed to protect the rear camera on your phone. Apart from this, we like this option due to its premium in-hand feel and the soft leather material. The accessory is available in three colors, Black, White, and Green.

Samsung LED View Cover Galaxy S22 Case

Galaxy S22 Plus LED View Cover

Unique & Fun

The Galaxy S22 Plus LED View Cover includes an array of lights that can function to indicate certain functions taking place on your phone. The case also features a slot for storing a payment card. The LED View Cover is available in Black or Light Gray colorways.

Which official Galaxy S22 Plus Case should you buy?

Galaxy S22 Series in the Silicone Case with Strap Source: Samsung

If you have gone through this guide and have not been able to pick an official case, here are some of our thoughts on the available options.

In our opinion, the S-View Flip Cover and LED View Cover for Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus are great case options for those who are looking to add a high degree of protective covering while increasing the ways in which they can interact with their device. The cutout on the S-View is the perfect window into basic actions, while the LED-based implementation of the LED View Cover is an elegant alternative.

But if you're not looking for a case that covers the entirety of your phone, the Silicone Cover with Strap is a great accessory to have, though its lack of more than two color options is a bummer. The Leather Cover stands right beside this accessory in our eyes as it offers a similar level of protection but switches out for materials that feel a lot better when held in hand.

This marks the end of our guide on Samsung's first-party case options. What do you think of this year's official case options? Let us know with your comments below.


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