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Samsung Galaxy S21 series pricing leaked again, and it is both good and bad news

By Nadeem Sarwar December 22, 2020, 4:00 pm
samsung galaxy s21 ultra

Alright, the Samsung leak cycle repeats itself yet again in 2020. By now, it is clearly evident that Samsung is incapable of controlling the Galaxy S21 information leaks that are now flooding the internet from all directions. After detailed renders, specs, pre-order dates, and even the starting price of each member of the Galaxy S21 family was leaked, the asking price of Samsung’s upcoming flagships for the European market has leaked yet again. And this time, the leak details the pricing for each storage variant and comes from a fairly credible source.

As per Winfuture, the vanilla Galaxy S21 will set buyers back by €849 for the base variant with 128GB of onboard storage. Buyers will be able to double the internal storage for another €50. Doing so appears to be the more logical choice here, as the Galaxy S21 line-up is ditching the microSD card slot, which means storage expansion is out of the picture.


Notably, the European market will only get the 5G version of the Galaxy S21 family, while the LTE version will be even more limited in its availability this time around. The good news is that the Galaxy S21’s rumored starting price of €849 is significantly lower than the €999 asking price of the Galaxy S20 5G in Europe.

ModelPricingConverted in USD
Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB)€849$1,032
Samsung Galaxy S21 (256GB)€899$1,092
Samsung Galaxy S21+ (128GB)€1,049$1,275
Samsung Galaxy S21+ (256GB)€1,099$1,336
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (128GB)€1,349$1,640
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB)€1,399$1,700
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (512GB)€1,529 $1,858

Coming to the Galaxy S21+, it will start at €1,049 for the 128GB storage trim, which is again lower than the €1,099 asking price of its predecessor. For €1,099 though, buyers will be able to get the 256GB variant of the Galaxy S21+, which again sounds like the better option to pick.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will cost up to €1,529

The best-of-the-lot, Galaxy S21 Ultra, will start at an eye-watering €1,349 for the base configuration with 128 gigs of onboard storage – the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The 256GB variant will set buyers back by €1,399, while the premium you pay for the 512GB variant is even higher, as it costs €1,529. The price of the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s top-end model was set at $1,599 for the US market, but if you convert the leaked European pricing of Galaxy S21 Ultra, it translates to a whopping $1,858 based on the current conversion rate.

The only silver lining here is that in the past few years, the numerical pricing figures for the European market have either been identical or really close for the US market. So, here’s to hoping that the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t cost almost $1,900 in the US market!


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