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There might be no Samsung Galaxy S11, but there could be a Galaxy S20

By Anton D. Nagy July 21, 2018, 10:01 am
Samsung Galaxy S20

Remember the Huawei P10? Remember we were all waiting for the P11, and instead we got the P20 and the P20 Pro? CEO Richard Yu said that the new version was much better than the P10 to justify using an incremental (one-digit higher) number to designate the model.

Now remember the story that broke yesterday, the one telling you that we might not see more Galaxy S devices after the Galaxy S10. While it is totally possible for Samsung to replace the line-up with something different (foldable, Note-like, etc.), it is also possible for them to change their naming convention.

We’ve seen the company do that in the past: on August 24, 2011, Samsung introduced the S family of products (S standing for Super Smart) as an official device naming convention, alongside R, W, M, and Y. It happened once, it could happen again.


Samsung has trademarked the Samsung A10, A30, A50, A70 and A90 monikers in South Korea, and the European Union. This means that after the Samsung Galaxy A8, we might see an A10, A30, and so on.

If this information is of any indication to Samsung’s future plans, there will indeed be no Galaxy S11, but a Galaxy S20 instead, followed by a Galaxy S30, and so on. Remember: the current Galaxy S9, and the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 will mark the last of these models designated by a single digit. Hence, changing the naming convention, if planned, could happen at this very convenient moment in time, and in 2020 we might see a Galaxy S20.

There are also some voices that believe Samsung might further simplify device names: Samsung A30, Samsung S40, etc., but this would imply ditching the Galaxy brand. Samsung put tremendous efforts in building the Galaxy brand into a successful one (to the point where everyone talks about “the new Galaxy”), which is why we think that this scenario is highly unlikely.

Filing screenshot: GalaxyClub


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