Behind-glass Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint senor rumored again

Whether there will be a Samsung Galaxy S11 or not, or what its name will be, is still up for debate. But we do know almost for sure there will be a Galaxy S10 next year, and we heard it might utilize Qualcomm’s in-display fingerprint scanner units.

Now a different report, citing unnamed sources from the industry, seems to tackle the same topic. They have it on good authority that the upcoming Galaxy S10 will employ ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors. This move is not just a technological advancement. It is also said to be Samsung’s way in differentiating itself from the competition. Apple uses advanced face scanning technology (Face ID), and some other Chinese competitors employ optical in-display sensors (manufactured by Goodix and Synaptics).

The difference between optical and ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors is that the ultrasonic ones have added capabilities for measuring heard-rate and blood pressure.

The same report launches a theory (which we’ve partly heard before) on the three Galaxy S10 distinct models. The smaller, 5.8-inch model, will feature traditional rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The other two, at 6.1- and 6.4-inch display sizes, will feature ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors.

There’s more speculation and other analyst input to back it up, but, as usual, keep a healthy dose of skepticism, at least until we get closer to the launch date. Hit the source link to read more chatter.

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