Samsung is reportedly ‘considering’ triple cameras and a 3D sensor for next year’s Galaxy S10

Whether it’s set to be unveiled in early January or late February 2019, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas or Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, we can’t have many certainties as far as Galaxy S10 features are concerned just yet.

But it’s definitely safe to assume that Samsung will do its very best to integrate all the hot new technologies available for mass production in a few months, from in-display fingerprint recognition to Qualcomm’s latest flagship SoC, 3D sensing components and, yes, triple rear-facing cameras.

Due to a “lower-than-expected demand for its latest Galaxy S9 lineup”, the world’s largest smartphone vendor is reportedly considering anything that might help its next hero device stand out from the pack.

Of course, Huawei already has an ultra-high-end phone with three shooters on its back, and the Mate 20 could follow the P20 Pro’s suit months before the Galaxy S10 sees daylight. But at least Samsung will be able to steal Apple’s thunder if today’s report pans out, planning something very similar to what the 2019 iPhone generation is rumored to offer. Namely, “enhanced zoom features”, just like the Huawei P20 Pro, but also some augmented reality magic of sorts.

It remains to be seen if the Galaxy S10 will be able to pull off both immersive AR applications with a trio of rear-facing cameras and secure facial authentication with a front-mounted 3D scanner. If that’s the case, the 10th Galaxy S edition definitely has a chance of comfortably outselling its predecessor.

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