Those three Galaxy S10 variants could range in screen size from 5 to 6.46 inches

With Galaxy Note 9 development no doubt finalized ahead of an increasingly likely August 9 announcement, Samsung might have already shifted its focus entirely to the Galaxy S10, especially if the anniversary device is indeed scheduled for a January 2019 launch.

While it’s probably too late to make radical changes in the general design and release strategy of the chaebol’s next (truly) big thing, a number of small specification alterations are still possible.

The specs and features will reportedly be etched in stone by the end of August, with the screen size of the largest GS10 model recently tweaked, among other small details, according to inside sources.

Following in the footsteps of the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9+, this bad boy could sport an “Infinity Display” measuring a whopping 6.46 inches in diagonal. That would be larger than the existing 6.3-inch Note 8 and, most likely, the 6.4-inch or so Note 9 as well.

If the rumor pans out, the “regular” Galaxy S10 could also grow in size compared to the 5.8-inch S9, specifically to around 6 inches, while a third “entry-level” variant is tipped to settle for a tiny, flat 5-inch panel.

Another possible last-minute change could see the 6-inch GS10 share a triple rear-facing camera system with its gargantuan sibling rather than providing a dual shooter option.

Last but not least, it’s being speculated that Samsung hasn’t entirely abandoned 3D sensing technology. But instead of mounting such a sensor on the front of the Galaxy S10 for facial recognition, the company could opt for a rear-facing solution supporting merely AR tricks of some sort. Just keep in mind nothing’s certain until… it’s certain.

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