Samsung is reportedly working on three Galaxy S10 models, with one, two and three cameras

Even with further design refinements and a substantial battery size upgrade tipped for this fall’s Galaxy Note 9, you can probably understand why the vast majority of Samsung’s hardcore fans are decidedly focused on the Galaxy S10 already.

But the question you may want to start asking yourself is what “Beyond” variant will best suit your needs. For the first time in the flagship family’s 9-year history, three different models are expected to hit stores in early 2019, and screen size will not be the only thing separating them.

In fact, the “Beyond 0” and “Beyond 1” codenames reportedly refer to two distinct 5.8-inch versions of the phone tentatively titled Samsung Galaxy S10. Like the Galaxy S9 and S9+, these are currently planned to offer users the choice between single and dual rear-facing cameras.

Furthermore, the “entry-level” Beyond 0 model is rumored to go back to a flat display, while both the Beyond 1 and Beyond 2 should adopt a modern curved look. The latter is likely to grow in size, to around 6.2 inches, while following the triple-lens direction recently set by the Huawei P20 Pro.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear if Samsung will be able to make 3D facial recognition technology work in time for the S10’s commercial debut. An in-display fingerprint sensor seems pretty much guaranteed at this point, but we’re not sure whether to expect the advanced biometric feature on the “entry-level”, flat-screened model or not.

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