Samsung Galaxy S10+ spotted in the wild, shows off Infinity O screen

The device in the picture is allegedly a Samsung Galaxy S10+ spotted in the wild. It shows off the Infinity O display and minimal bezels.

We’ll get straight to the point: the device you’re seeing in the picture above is allegedly the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The official launch event happens a little over a month from now, but if leaks continue to ramp up, we might already know everything there is to know about the device.

Back to the device. What immediately stands out is the Infinity O display, as you can see the two front-facing cameras. You can also spot the reduced bezels, compared to last year’s model.

There is an ongoing thread at the source link below where someone claims to also have in his posession a similar device. That person also confirmed that the device is in a protective camouflage case, in order to conceal the final design of the phone. And, by the way, chances are this is a preproduction model.

Having a cutout on the screen itself, it means that One UI will need to adapt the way it displays the icons. The poster says that the clock is on the left, followed by icons for BlueTooth, ringer, Wi-Fi, Network bars, Battery percentage, Battery icon, and then the hole.

Other information claims that despite being similar in dimensions to the Note9, the Galaxy S10+ will be lighter. Aside from the spec-bump and the new display, there’s little, claims the poster, that sets it aside from the previous model. Quad-cameras are expected on the back, going in pair with the dual front-facers, and, of course, the in-display fingerprint scanner which is claimed to be cool, but slower than facial recognition.

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