The new Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t come with 5G connectivity

Major networks around the world are constantly working to provide 5G network speeds to their clients. The problem is that none of today’s flagship smartphones can make use of that technology without a mod of some sort. For a while we thought that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was going to be one of the first devices to offer 5G connectivity, but we were wrong.

Samsung has confirmed that their first 5G smartphone won’t be the Samsung Galaxy S10. This new feature will come on a separate device, or that’s what DJ Koh revealed at a press event today. 5G networks are supposed to be ready to start working on March 2019 in South Korean mobile carriers, and Samsung may have another device prepared for this event, but that’s just a wild guess. Maybe this might be the time when the world gets to see Samsung’s first foldable device.

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