We could even see a Samsung Galaxy S10 with 5 cameras next year

Rumors keep on coming referring to the new Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s coming next year. We’ve heard that it might bring three lenses in its main shooter and if you add a selfie cam, we could take that up to 4 cameras in the phone. If this new report is accurate, we should start adding one more lens to at least one of the three models that were getting.

Next year we could see a Samsung Galaxy S10 trio instead of a duo. This would translate to a regular Galaxy S10 a lower end model and a more premium device if you feel like calling it like that. Now we know that these new units will have in-display fingerprint sensors, even though their technology may vary but now we could even be getting more cameras. A new report from South Korea tells us that the top spec model of the Galaxy S10 will feature 5 cameras, three on the back and two in the front. This is very much like what we might see in the next LG V40, but it will be Samsung’s first device to have this setup. This extra selfie lens would be the main difference between the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 and the “Plus” version.

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