Samsung Galaxy S III Tipped for Fall Launch

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II is just starting to be rolled out, the Galaxy S III is said to arrive as soon as the fall, according to reviewer Eldar Murtazin. Murtazin has not been right with every single one of his predications, but he is so deadly accurate that we always listen closely whenever he passes along a piece of gossip. The man who correctly called Nokia’s move to Windows Phone 7 now says via tweet that Samsung is ramping up its production cycles in order to compete with the iPhone 5, said by several sources to be arriving in September.

Murtazin speculates that nearly all aspects of the Galaxy S will be revamped for its third incarnation, although he’s fairly vague when it comes to specific improvements. He does declare with some certainty that Samsung is looking to release a new flagship model every six to eight months, which is quick even for an industry known for rapid turnover. Does this news affect your decision to pick up a Galaxy S II, much to the chagrin of Samsung?

Source: Twitter

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