Galaxy S III Dual Core vs Quad Core: Quick Comparison (Video)

Hey there, team. I’m here in the midst of an New York City heat wave, covering the North American launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The big announcements and hands-on time came earlier in the day, and after an afternoon spent downloading free mp3s and ordering drinks with S Beam and controlling a movie-sized 3D game with Smart Stay, I’ve got a list of SGS3 feature articles I’d like to write in the coming days.

Before that, though, I thought I’d whip up a quick comparison video for you. Thanks to the awesome group taking care of us here in NYC, I managed to get my hands on both a Sprint- and an AT&T-branded Galaxy S III. In the brief video below, I pit them against each other for a boot-time test and a few app-launch comparisons. Despite my data connection issues and the less-than-ideal lighting, I still manage to record a few observations on these three devices.

I couldn’t solve my data connectivity problems in time to fully test the AT&T-branded SGS3, but I was able to run a full battery of benchmarks on the Sprint and international versions. The Quadrant results are included in the video, and the remaining results are listed below it. Enjoy!


Linpack: International SGS3

MFLOPS: 55.777

Time: 1.5s

Norm Res: 5.68

Linpack: Sprint SGS3

MFLOPS: 84.938

Time: 0.99s

Norm Res: 5.68


Smartbench 2012: International SGS3


Smartbench 2012: Sprint SGS3



AnTuTu Benchmark: International SGS3

CPU: 7147

GPU: 1546

RAM: 2535

I/O: 868

AnTuTu Benchmark: Sprint SGS3

CPU: 3192

GPU: 1569

RAM: 1114

I/O: 809

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