Samsung Galaxy S III: First Test Photo?

We have good reason to believe that the photo above was shot by Samsung’s unannounced, but surely upcoming, Galaxy S III. Its EXIF data tells us that it was taken with a phone whose model number is GT-I9500, the highest, numerically, that the company has ever used. For reference, the original Galaxy S took up the I90xx range, while the Galaxy S II was slotted into the I91xx set of model numbers; the Galaxy Nexus, internationally, goes by model number GT-I9250. Adding further authenticity to the photo is the fact that the same shooter was testing a Galaxy S II back in January, weeks before it had been launched and months prior to release.

As is often the case when testing out handsets, the photographer here likely dialed the camera back from full resolution to five megapixels; we can assume, however, that the aperture of 2.65 and four-millimeter focal length are probably accurate.

The image was captured in Suwon, South Korea (claims the admittedly-fakeable EXIF data), which according to Wikipedia, is home to a large Samsung factory. Full-size picture located here.

Bonus: First HTC Quattro test shot

HTC Quattro

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