Samsung Galaxy S III: First Benchmark? [UPDATE]

There’s a strong possibility that the first benchmark of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been published — assuming, that is, you believe (like we do) that the next Galaxy S will be going by model number GT-I9300. Before we get into that debate, here is the lowdown: a handset claiming to be GT-I9300 took two passes through the GLBenchmark suite of tests late last month, with the results only recently getting processed. Based on some research into the user who uploaded the tests, we believe that they were, in fact, performed by a Samsung employee.

The headline news here is that the resolution is being reported as 1196 x 720, both potentially dispelling rumors of a 1080p full HD screen, while at the same time suggesting a buttonless design a la the Galaxy Nexus (also 1196 x 720). The processor is listed as maxing out at 1.4GHz, but a crucial bit of information is missing: the number of cores. We know that it’s running an Exynos 4 from Samsung, but it could be either the dual core Exynos 4212 or the quad core Exynos 4414 — if we had to guess, we’d go with quad core, if only to keep pace with LG and HTC on the spec sheet.

Also revealed are a Mali 400 MP GPU, the same as found on the Galaxy S II. However, based on the single published result — a GLBenchmark 2.1 Egypt Standard score of 6584 frames (58.3fps) — it looks like it is being clocked higher in the I9300, according to Anand Shimpi, editor and founder of AnandTech. Thus the supposed SGS III is able to maintain more or less the same framerate as the SGS II despite needing to push substantially more pixels. Finally, we learn that I9300 is running a 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich build of Android.

Correction: Anand has clarified that while this SoC could feature a higher clocked GPU, the fact that the test is v-sync limited means that we don’t have enough information from this single run to establish that with any certainty.

Much of the confusion over model numbers seems to stem from a recent UAProf which listed the I9300’s resolution as 1024 x 600, although like it did with the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung is probably just reusing the information from another device’s profile. What we do know is that I9300 support pages have recently shown up and been pulled from some global Samsung sites, and the very few photos uploaded to sharing sites taken by that model have all been pulled down. Right now the only other candidate for the Galaxy S III model number is GT-I9500, and that is reportedly a device not running Android at all, but an upcoming OS from Samsung and Intel.

GT I9300 Benchmark

Source: GLBenchmark

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