The Samsung Galaxy S II comes loaded with TouchWiz 4.0, Samsung’s competitor to HTC Sense and Motorola Blur for Android. TouchWiz impacts every aspect of the operating system, from the email app and browser, to the homescreens, app tray, notification shade, and settings.

In this video we take a look at what Samsung has done with their latest Android replacement. To start, they’ve changed the way you move items from homescreen to homescreen by introducing a gesture that allows you to use the gyroscope to move through the homescreens without having to tap and drag items to the edges of the screen. Also, the widget menu is now a horizontally scrolling list, not a vertical one found in most other Android interfaces. Speaking of widgets, Samsung has added a wide variety of widgets, many of which can be resized. Widgets include weather, analog and digital clocks, celenader, note pad, task manager, and much more. You can have up to seven homescreens, which is managed by entering the zoomed-out homescreen view, accessible by a pinch gesture from the homescreen.

Beyond the homescreens, the app tray has been spruced up. The paginated app tray can be customized with new additional pages, folders, and icons in different places (so that, for example, you can have games on the same page).

In terms of settings, Samsung has given the user the ability to change the system font, which is a nice touch. In terms of input, you can use the default Samsung keyboard (which is usable in a T9-like pad or full QWERTY), plus there is Skype, should you prefer that.

A bit annoying is the email client, which takes far too long to delete a message, plus it’s difficult (or, impossible) to multi-select messages. Fortunately, there are a couple of really good third-party email clients that fix many of these problems, like Enhanced Email.

How hey…the Galaxy S II supports AT&T HSPA+.

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