Samsung Galaxy S 5 unboxing: AT&T edition (Video)

“You know what this is?”

“I know what this is.”

That’s a dialogue couplet from the film True Lies, an Arnold Schwarzenegger action-comedy from the mid 1990s that has positively nothing to do with the newest stupendo-smartphone out of Seoul. Nothing, except for those two lines.

Because you do know what this is. Even under the AT&T finery, even under the thick veneer of faux wood packaging, even despite the fifteen seconds of playful banter at the top of this video, you know what we’re looking at: it’s the most hyped smartphone of the year, like always. It’s another Samsung flagship for the springtime, like always. It’s “The Next Big Thing,” like always.

It’s the Samsung Galaxy S 5. And it is being un-freakin-boxed right before your eyes.

So jump on down to the video and treat your peepers to some prime-time depackaging action – but don’t stop there, because we need your help. It’s no secret that we’re not the first news outlet to get our hands on a Galaxy S 5 demo unit; it’s already been reviewed by most every outlet from here to the Florida Keys. So if there’s something specific you want covered that you haven’t seen anywhere else, let us know in the comments below; we’ll do our darndest to fit it in there for ya.

Until then, enjoy the serene sight of the Qualcomm-powered Galaxy S 5 unboxing, and stay tuned for similar coverage featuring its Exynos-powered counterpart later in the month!

Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T variant: unboxing

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